Brooklands Fish Bar

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Telford, United Kingdom
Fish and chips takeaway

Brooklands Fish Bar Reviews | Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Brooklands Fish Bar is located in Telford, United Kingdom on 4 Hordley Rd, Wellington. Brooklands Fish Bar is rated 4.3 out of 5 in the category fish and chips takeaway in United Kingdom.


4 Hordley Rd, Wellington


+44 1952763906

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Mini KC

On appearance and the locality made me try this place on two separate occasions. The lunchtime service was quick, food looked nice and fresh. I ordered a large fish and chips to share with my partner, but Unfortunately, the chips were slightly undercooked and a little floppy. The fish tasted nice and flaked apart, and the batter was not fully cooked on the inside. I decided to give this place a second chance before making my mind up. I ordered a lunch box (sausage, mini fish, chips and beans). I was advised that my order will take about 5 minutes as he has to cook the fish fresh. I thought great, as who doesn’t like freshly cooked food. It was then that I saw him take a piece of fish out of the tall silver fridge/freezer and started to microwave the fish. After a minute or so, he did freshly batter and cook the fish, but then he placed a small tub of beans and started to microwave that too. The chips were perfectly cooked this time, as for the fish, I removed the batter as it was slightly under done. I was not impressed and will not be returning. I will gladly travel a little further or even pay a little more money, if the quality is better.


The Universe

I've come from Canada and experiencing my first chippy, was here. My favourite in Wellington. The food here is always hot and delicious. Battered chips and chicken kebab is my usual, always good. The staff here is also nice and always have a smile on their face. Good prices and delicious food, always. I live here now and this is my chippy forever.


Trevor Turner

It's such a shame that this chip shop with polite staff lets itself down on one simple thing, sloppy batter. Whether it's the formulae or the traditional way the owners make and cook it I know not. F & C is a British dish and eating fish covered in sloppy batter is not on. I notice there are similar comments ref. batter and I ask myself if the owners having gone to the trouble of setting up a web-site ever read the reviews that they ask for. Chips are tremendous fish is good but the batter not so good. As a connoisseur of F & Cs batter has to be crisp all the way through to the fish. I've wanted to get that off me chest for yonks as I never had the balls to tell them face to face.


Shane Leeder

Absolutely love this fish and chip shop, always use it now :) The food is quality and the staff are very friendly :)


Roy Vincent

Ordered over phone, collected on time. Well cooked ,you cannot beat a chippy tea!