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Witham, United Kingdom


caterers etc Reviews | Rating 1 out of 5 stars (2 reviews)

caterers etc is located in Witham, United Kingdom on 2 The St, Wickham Bishops. caterers etc is rated 1 out of 5 in the category caterer in United Kingdom.


2 The St, Wickham Bishops

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Kristina Dabrisiute

Disgraceful company. They served us poor quality finger food at my son’s first birthday party and naming day. Rock hard mini pies and risotto balls fallen into mash. Also didn’t deliver nibbles included in the price. The man who seems to be in charge promised half of the refund. I’ve been waiting for it and chasing him for that for over 3 months. I can’t believe such companies would exist and try to get away by ripping people off and ruining their special days.


David Evans

Extremely unhappy. We had a family service buffet for our Wedding Breakfast on 14/08/2015. First of all they were not prepared for adverse weather, so when it rained they had to set up our drinks reception in an impromptu way, meaning that everything was delayed from then on. They also did not bring enough equipment, staff, food or drinks for 120 guests. The lack of staff and equipment meant that only 3/4 tables could be "dealt with" at any one time. They also ran out of certain food stuffs before they had even reached 4 tables, so that they ended up having less choice. Tables were also served in a completely random order that didn't seem to make any sense. Non-acolohic drinks for minors and those driving also ran short after the drinks reception, and so was rationed throughout the rest of the meal. Overall, the full dinner service took over 3 hours when it should have taken 1.5. Desserts were not finished until a while after 10pm, so there was little time for our evening do. This resulted in our first dance being extremely rushed, not having time for our planned send-off, and hungry/thirsty guests. As a final remark regarding the lack of food, I had to remind the staff 3 times that certain tables had not been served certain items until they admitted that they had no more remaining. I advise that this caterer be avoided at all costs.