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Wilmslow, United Kingdom

Convenience store

Convenience Store Reviews | Rating 1.3 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Convenience Store is located in Wilmslow, United Kingdom on 30 Plumley Rd, Handforth. Convenience Store is rated 1.3 out of 5 in the category convenience store in United Kingdom.


30 Plumley Rd, Handforth


+44 1625548688

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Some Guy

I wanted yesterday in this store to eat something and buy toast with my daughter, when I went in there was already stinging this strange smell like decay in the nose. I ran through the store took the toastand saw how moldy it was when shortly after my daughter came to me and said that weird comical disgusting man with the big nose and glasses asked her for her mobile phone number and she tried to touch immediately called the police and left! Please keep your kids away from this dubious nasty store!


joseph bartram

they are selling half consumed products/already opened products. there is also still a stupid bell you have to ring outside just to get in the shop... honestly not worth the effort of going there, i'd rather walk another 10 minutes and go somewhere more trustworthy. the owner's son is also always on his laptop in the back playing pretend hacker, so he never answers the door and just keeps it locked all day. i would have words with his father, but i dont care about this shop anymore, it needs shutting down and replacing with something decent, like a co-op.


Ryan Gandy

Owners son followed my daughter around the shop asking for her phone number she's only 10!!! When i asked him to stop he threatened to 'break my glass jaw' when told i would ring the police he told me he would hack my power grid so i couldnt use my phone! May have been on about his dad though as he was looking at us both at the same time... from different sides of the shop. Stinks of curry too


Javed Akhtar

When I send my kids to pick up happy shopper milk I dont expect them to come back literally covered in bruises. The worker ehtoscam is absolutely disgusting and should not be associated with children. I will be calling the police and I will be going down to smash his little head in not impressed


Keene Shawcross

Decent shop that offers a range of products, friendly owner too. Just don't go in during the day or you'll get stalked and harassed by the worker with glasses and crusty blue lips...