Cregagh Presbyterian Church

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Belfast, United Kingdom
Presbyterian church

Cregagh Presbyterian Church Reviews | Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)

Cregagh Presbyterian Church is located in Belfast, United Kingdom on 102-104 Cregagh Rd. Cregagh Presbyterian Church is rated 4.5 out of 5 in the category presbyterian church in United Kingdom. Cregagh Presbyterian Church – Love God and Love Your Neighbour Skip to content Cregagh Presbyterian Church Love God and Love Your Neighbour Menu Home About Us Vision For Cregagh The Church Meet the Team The Ministry I’m new here Links Church Life Sunday Worship Overview Sunday Timetable Creche Rota 2020 Coffee Bar Rota 2020 Music Ministry Children’s Ministry Overview Holiday Bible Club Tots Youth Ministry Overview Youth BIG Night Adult Ministry Overview Faith Issues Walking Group Weekly Activities Details of Organisations News from Malawi Prayer Focus Church Finance Gift Aid Standing Order Mandate The Grace of Giving Church Focus Article WW1 Remembrance Keeping Connected Special Events Media Services Photo Galleries Contact Us Scroll down to content Welcome to Cregagh Presbyterian Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Responding to the challenges relating to the Coronavirus 31st July 2020 COMING BACK TO CHURCH IN AUGUST At Cregagh we want to create an environment that is both welcoming and safe. While we would actively encourage you to come back to worship, believing it safe to do so with the measures we have taken, we also want to say that no one should come to services if they have any symptoms. As we continue to move forward towards something more like normal it is imperative that we do so by insuring that all actions must be in line with current guidelines and restrictions. With no changes to PCI guidelines regarding 2m social distance the same arrangements for services that are currently in place will continue for the month of August, continuing to provide a service at 10am and 12noon, accommodating up to 60 people on each occasion. Doors will be opened at 9:30am and 11:30am so that folk can be guided and seated. Members are still being asked to register, due to ‘contact tracing’, by contacting Michael on email: [email protected] or phone: 07548635075, indicating which Sunday(s), how many are ‘in their bubble’ and attending with them, as well as which time slot(s). As before those who have registered will be asked to inform Michael if for whatever reason someone cannot attend so that the register will be as accurate as possible. The services themselves will continue to be slightly shorter than normal and present arrangements regarding offering will remain in place for the month of August. While we recognise there is an unease about congregational singing, the official advice given to us by both PCI and the NI Executive is that it would be very low risk to have it as part of our services. In an attempt to alleviate fears we have not shared in congregational singing over the past three weeks. A further attempt to respect these concerns while moving forward is the plan to incorporate live singing to the congregation as part of the service, something which the PCI guidelines suggest and encourage, namely, “The Northern Ireland Executive is not prohibiting singing in services of worship, rather seeking to be permissive with certain mitigations in place. While the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Executive did not see singing as such a risk that it required regulation, the principles of ‘less rather than more’, ‘softer rather than louder’ and ‘listening to some and singing some’ are all useful guides, at least in the early days of return to Church. So a blended service could well be the way forward, made up of some pieces sung by a small group (socially distanced themselves and four metres from the congregation), some worship songs on video and a few shorter and perhaps softer congregational praise items.” Being mindful of concerns raised surrounding this, singing to the congregation can be shared without causing discomfort or putting anyone at risk, by limiting it to one piece of live singing in the middle of the service being provided by a soloist or at most a duet. The singing will be shared from the back of the choir stalls, much further away from the front row of the congregation than the guidelines recommend. Considering that preaching is not that different an action than an individual or pair singing we would hope, over the month of August, that doing this would be one more step towards normality while still acting well within the restrictions. Some short responsive prayers will also be introduced, but please do not feel any pressure to take part if you do not wish to. It is encouraging that the trialled return of KidZone has gone so well, Karen and Jim are happy to carry on covering the month of August and there is no longer a requirement for separate registration in advance. Unfortunately the restrictions are still extremely tight regarding crèche so it will not be available for at least the month of August. However babies are very welcome at our services! The issue of offering lifts to church has been raised a number of times over the last week. We appreciate that this is a difficult one but the official position in terms of the guidelines is that folk should not offer nor provide lifts to anyone outside of their bubble. It would be anticipated that all practices would be reviewed on Monday 24th August and that an update would be produced, sent out and made available for distribution on Friday 28th August. Welcome Cregagh Presbyterian Church is an active and family friendly congregation in Belfast at the heart of the Community on the Cregagh Road, midway between a busy shopping area and a residential neighbourhood. We aim to â€˜Love God and Love our Neighbour’ by being willing to hear God speak and serve Him obediently in our homes, in our work, in our leisure and in our community. If you’re checking out church for the first time or just looking for a new one we have a place for you. With Special Services and Events throughout the year, and numerous organisations there are plenty of opportunities to grow, get involved, and serve. We recently unveiled our Vision for Cregagh document, click here to find out more. Sunday Services All services suspended until further notice. Still have questions? Please contact us.   Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube © 2020 Cregagh Presbyterian


102-104 Cregagh Rd


+44 2890455160


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Mark Beattie

Warm, beautiful and inviting to all, very much needed in current times.


Elaine Molyneaux

A very warm and welcoming church . In the midst of a massive building project and Sunday worship is in the Allen Hall. DV just after Easter we will be back in the main Church.


Sonya Ethel

Beautiful church


Paul Bailie

Warm fellowship.