Falls Of Dochart

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Killin, United Kingdom

Tourist attraction

Falls Of Dochart Reviews | Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Falls Of Dochart is located in Killin, United Kingdom on A827. Falls Of Dochart is rated 4.7 out of 5 in the category tourist attraction in United Kingdom.



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Neah McGregor

We were just driving through Killin to head home and came past the falls... had to stop and take it in. It was cold and frozen over, but still possible to get down and take some photos. It was beautiful in the cold, I can't imagine how pretty it will be in the other seasons. I will update with photos when I visit again!


Fenja Wonderland

Easy excess even onto the rocks. Pretty view, lovely atmosphere just few more parking options would probably be better for the summer


Ms. RED.

Had a great time walking around and watching the white water falls, credit to a great weather when we were there. Trees starts changing its colour, I would imagine Falls of Dochart would give you a great autumn vibes and photos. There's a shop just across the road. The free toilet nearby was open during our visit. Finally, there's a free parking along the road. Highly recommended nature spot when in the area!


Linda [email protected]

To find spot photo taken...as you enter Killin the Falls are in your left. Once parked. Just before the narrow bridge, to cross over, there is a gap in the wall. That's where we stood and took photos and a video. Beautiful.


Leah Lewis

Amazing views and some lovely little pubs to sit and admire from in the summer!