Newburn Pharmacy

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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Newburn Pharmacy Reviews | Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)

Newburn Pharmacy is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom on 1 Newburn Rd, Newburn. Newburn Pharmacy is rated 4.1 out of 5 in the category pharmacy in United Kingdom.


1 Newburn Rd, Newburn


+44 1912674393

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Wheelchair-accessible entrance

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Luciana Giuliani

The staff here are very friendly, professional and helpful. There is a wide range of stock, with many healthcare products available and they also stock gifts, perfumes and cleaning products. There is parking available outside and they are being incredibly safe regarding the pandemic, only allowing two people in at a time and ensuring people are wearing their face masks. They offer other services such as smoking cessation, the c card scheme, passport photographs and health advice. A very highly recommended pharmacy.


Michelle Pugh

Always pleasant, always prompt and helpful. Can't think of anything more I could ask for, they provide everything you would expect efficiently and conveniently.


Michael Charlton

Excellent pharmacy. Staff very friendly and are great help for basic medical advice (Think Pharmacy First), saving people from unnecessarily clogging up GP appointments. As I live local, it's my first and only choice, as the pharmacists in the surrounding area just aren't as good (and indeed in one case were downright rude to my wife).


Rich Camm

Super helpful pharmacist, next door to doctors...couldnt be any more convenient