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Rochdale, United Kingdom

Computer repair service· Computer store· IT Services & Computer Repair

Scan Computers Reviews | Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Scan Computers is located in Rochdale, United Kingdom on 16 Bridge St, Milnrow. Scan Computers is rated 4.7 out of 5 in the category computer repair service in United Kingdom.


16 Bridge St, Milnrow



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john swale

Nice guy very helpful hope to see you again.


Joseph Williamson

Good service. Would highly recommend.


Gary-Graham Coleman

Quick and honest service. And doesn't charge over the odds.


Paul B

Poor customer service, arrogant and rude. Took my laptop in as it was showing no signs of life, I was told it couldn't be fixed without even opening it up because the case was cracked in the corner, and that he doesn't go to component level. That's the equivalent of saying the engine in your car can't be fixed because the car has a dint in the side! Instead of bothering to fix mine he tried to get me to buy a refurbished one for 70 which was a much lower model than mine. Also said there was no other computer repair shops within 10 miles!!! Took it round the corner within 3 miles to Shaw instead, where there were 2 other repair shops! Went in \Phone n Computer Zone\ opened it up, checked the voltage on the motherboard to make sure the motherboard wasn't dead (which it wasn't) and said it could be fixed in 3 days time for 60 - no arrogance or rudeness either. I don't really like to leave negative reviews but at least it saves wasting other people's time like mine was wasted today. And it may also save people throwing away laptops that could actually be fixed, for a reasonable price, elsewhere! Thanks!


Phill Connell

A fantastic repair and service of my printer within the day. Highly recommended :)