The Enfield Bird Centre bird cages

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Enfield, United Kingdom

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The Enfield Bird Centre bird cages Reviews | Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

The Enfield Bird Centre bird cages is located in Enfield, United Kingdom on Cattlegate Rd. The Enfield Bird Centre bird cages is rated 4.3 out of 5 in the category pet supply store in United Kingdom.


Cattlegate Rd


+44 2083679223

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Jacqueline Sanderson

I bought a beautiful budgie from here yesterday, the ladies (staff) were so helpful and full of good advice, lovely friendly vibe in this place and full of beautiful birds.... I'd never go anywhere else now for all my bird needs.


Emily Marvell

I brought two helicopter budgies from this shop in September which cost me 150, within 2 months they were both dead. The owner kindly gave me another helicopter budgie for free. However, It was ill the day I got it. I took it to an avian vet which cost me another 150 and an 2 hour round trip. but it died within 6 weeks of me getting it. The owner gave me 40 to spend within the shop, which I appreciated. However, I still wasted 300 on three budgies. This shop sells way too many birds and even when I questioned the owner on the condition of the budgies first time round, he said they were healthy (looking back they had many symptoms of being very ill). I think this shop should get rid of 90% of their birds and focus on the ones they sell the most in order to sell healthier birds. also, they have a great of bird stuff e.g. cages, toys etc and should focus more on that too. I would recommend this shop for supplies but I would not buy a animal from here. If the owner wasn't so reasonable, I would of given this a 1 start review. But like I said, If you're getting a pet budgie, get all of the supplies from here and get the budgie else where


Colin Barber

Well impressed with the owner he's a very knowledgable man who knows much about birds


aileen christine tomasulo

Always full of different birds, i got my parrotlets from here and i buy food. It is cheap and has a good selection, from seeds to threats to toys 4 my little feathered friends. Staff is friendly and always helpful.


Jeremy Coborn

Collected new parrot,more than happy.Lovely fresh smell and the birds were clean and calm. The staff were interested and the whole shop was enjoyable.