Waterlea Meadows

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Crawley, United Kingdom


Waterlea Meadows Reviews | Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Waterlea Meadows is located in Crawley, United Kingdom on 2 Norwich Rd. Waterlea Meadows is rated 4.3 out of 5 in the category park in United Kingdom.


2 Norwich Rd


Good for kids

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Penthouse Dog

Im always grateful for small areas of greenery & nature in built up residential areas and its easy to combine Waterlea Meadows with a longer walk along Worth Way. There is always the issue of people dropping their litter so expect to see discarded Fanta bottles and cigarette packets in the bushes which there was a lot of when I visited the area. If you can't get anywhere more rural, Waterlea Meadows provides a brief moment of nature. Oh and I saw deer (zoom in on the photo)!


Cenella Mwamba

Loved it still remember every detail even 2 weeks later


Neil Brennan

Great little meadow close to home great nature escape very natural


Ginette Aiston

Lovely place to walk around. Furnace Green is very beautiful. Lots of grass and fields to explore. Definitely worth checking out. I have the pleasure of living here


Amar Maher

Always fun.

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