Queen Charlotte's Cottage

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Richmond, United Kingdom

Historical landmark

Queen Charlotte's Cottage Reviews | Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

Queen Charlotte's Cottage is located in Richmond, United Kingdom on Royal Botanic Gardens. Queen Charlotte's Cottage is rated 4.4 out of 5 in the category historical landmark in United Kingdom.


Royal Botanic Gardens


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Looks interesting peace of history and as many others I wanted to have look inside, unfortunately it’s still close until further notice.


Owen Grey

Lovely little cottage and amazing to think that the Queen and family came here for there picnics all that time ago. It's just luck or dedicated planning as to whether you get in though! However even if it is closed the woodland is still beautiful and has recently been improved with a lovely boardwalk.


Ralph Fleming

A magical period place, but was closed up when we visited, I assume that they cycle through the buildings opening different ones at different times of the year.



Excellent cottage, very cottage like. I should have brought some cottage cheese for a picnic on the lawn outside.


Tom Boyle

A cool little part of Kew Gardens



A cottage that was built sometime before 1771 for Queen Charlotte by her husband George III. It has been restored by Historic Royal Palaces and is separately administered by them. It is open to the public on weekends and bank holidays during the summer.


Grace Churchill

.the best thing about the cottage is that it is set within an ancient bit of woodland that is carpeted with bluebells at this time of year. Last weekend it was looking truly gorgeous, but lots of the flowers were only half open, so I think it'll be even more beautiful next weekend! Bluebell woods are one of England's prettiest displays, so if you have not already visited one - pop over in the next couple of weeks.


Chris Williams

Only open at weekends and Bank Holidays, this is a time capsule looking back at the domestic life of the family of King George III. Look out for the floral wall paintings on the upper floor by his daughter Princess Elizabeth.